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  “The professionalism and personality of O’Africa finds its inspiration in the diverse roots of its owner and manager, Lisa O’Mahony.”  


Hello, I’m Lisa O’Mahony, AKA O’Africa.

Born and bred in South Africa, and married into a large, lovable Irish family, I found myself helping overseas friends, acquaintances, and friends of friends plan their holidays to South Africa. My deep love and knowledge of South Africa, and my regular travels to the United Kingdom, coupled with a desire to share the beauty of this land with others, helped me to create itineraries for visitors that saw many of them returning to experience more of what Southern Africa has to offer. And so
O’Africa was born.

My work over the years seems – in retrospect – to have led me to this business.

First as a caterer, I ensured that various diverse needs were met – and exceeded. From small intimate dinners to catering for President Nelson Mandela, I had to take briefs and transform wants and needs into actual enjoyable experiences. I also learnt that there is no excuse for providing inadequate quality – no matter the budget!

In Marketing and Public Relations, which followed on from catering, I learned the ins and outs of good service and delivery and the absolute importance of giving people what they want.

I aspire to create a business that caters to the individual. I want to share the beauty and extraordinary nature of Southern Africa with those who show an interest in this land. I have built a database of preferred venues and destinations, who offer me special rates that I pass on to my clients, but that will never be an excuse to not discover new, better, different places that will better serve the holiday aims of guests to Southern Africa. I want to establish a relationship with every person who plans their holiday through O’Africa, so that I can deliver the best service possible. And my hope is that as many visitors as possible come back time and again, and become so familiar with our gateway to Africa that they no longer need help to plan their trips.